Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective yet inexpensive way of direct marketing that enables you to reach a huge audience by simply sending emails messages. These email messages could contain sales or promotional information such as new product or service launches, advertisements, discount offers and deals.

Our Email Marketing services helps you keep customers and prospects coming back - by using attractive, professional-looking email communications to stay in regular touch with client and build strong customer relationships. It’s better and more effective than regular email.

Email messages can be linked back to your website and integrated with sophisticated campaign management tools that help monitor Click through Rates, Return on Investment and other measures which define the success of the campaign.

Our email marketing team at has designed some very attractive HTML e-mailers for our clients in the past. Our team of experts is experienced in launching and managing successful email campaigns.

We develop a positive reputation, build trust and adopt a customer-centric approach to convert qualified leads through our Email Marketing Services in Mumbai. If you want to send your periodical emails online, wants to promote your products, wants to do Brand Awareness or just want to attract leads for products and services email marketing is one of most affordable and economical way of promoting your sites.

Our customer-centric strategies have always helped us to improve the reputation and thought leadership for our clients. The key strategies for best Emails marketing campaign is having a valuable and engaging content and right message ins a short and concise manner helps a lot to convert more emails marketing leads. Most of our clients are happy with our value propositions as we just don’t handle their campaign but we also assist them with our unique and proven Email Marketing strategies.

Delivering highly relevant content and creating a wow factor via email marketing campaign is the success mantra for our Email Campaigns.

As you know there are so many uncontrollable variables affect your subscribers at the time your content reach to their inboxes? So how will you manage to show your emails? We have the answer. By harnessing three key elements i.e. timing, segmentation and content – you can increase the odds that your emails will find a receptive target audiences. Many of our clients enjoyed great success with our effective email marketing campaign so why are you waiting? Give us a call or send your problem to us at

Email Marketing Price

Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest among all the other marketing mediums.

Mailing Type Quantity Price
Bulk Mailings 1 Lac Rs. 5,000/-
(You save Rs.3,500/-) 3 Lacs Rs. 9,000/-
(You save Rs.5,000/-) 5 Lacs Rs. 15,000/-
(You save Rs.15,000/-) 10 Lacs Rs. 25,000/-
(You save Rs.15,000/-) 20 Lacs Rs. 45,000/-


Software Mailing With Read Receipt will be an additional Rs.5,000 per lac

Note : Service tax will be applicable on all above rates

Note : We will not be responsible for the designing of the email message. The email message should be provided by the company acceptable in html format. We can design beautiful html mailer for you @Rs.3,500/- additional.